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Recipe: No-mayo Kohlrabi Cabbage Coleslaw

My sister and I used to sneak Hellman’s mayo and lettuce sandwiches when we were kids… ahh, a little salt, a little pepper, on some good bread, it was the best. I cannot deny loving me some Hellman’s (and no other brands, quite emphatically).

BUT… there is just something about mayonnaise during the Summer… I can’t do it.

Maybe it’s the vision of potato salad sweltering in the heat during a picnic that throws me off. Or a macaroni salad, gone completely limp as the elbows swim around the mayo pool at the bottom of the bowl.

kohlrabi coleslaw

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Recipe: Basil-Sunflower Seed Pesto

As a kid, my family spent some time living in Northern Italy. Since everything is so close together in Europe, we were able to travel a lot on weekends and get to see a great deal of the area around us. That area included Genoa, home of the famous Genovese pesto. Even being an American, and being a kid, pesto made a big impression on my palate!


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Recipe: Fresh Corn Salsa

There are so many variations of “salsa” that the word can mean almost anything, at this point. I’m calling this dish salsa, although “relish” and just plain “salad” would have worked, too!

Now that we are past the name, what is going on in this delicious-looking dish?

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Recipe: Mexican Cornbread Muffins

I am not a baker. Really.

So why did I tackle cornbread muffins? Because I had a fabulous idea for a Mexican-style muffin, and I wasn’t going to let my fear of baking stop me!

Here is the scoop:  this is the peak of the corn season, and I’ve been having fun preparing corn all sorts of ways. I pictured some nice, moist cornbread with lots of fresh kernels, something that my sister used to make and call “Corn on the Cube”.



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