It’s the season for seasoned butter

basil bunchYou can make your own seasoned butter in a jif! There are hundreds of combinations.

For the mixtures, I always used a simple rule of thumb:

  1. something green (usually an herb)
  2. something acidic (lemon, lime, orange)
  3. something salty (a plain or smoked salt, capers)
  4. something with heat (jalapeno, chili flake, cayenne)
  5. something to give color (like turmeric or paprika, if it didn’t have color already).

So I’d end up with things like a Mexican butter: lime, cilantro, jalapeno, smoked salt; Cajun butter: lime, Cajun seasoning, fresh oregano, cayenne, smoked salt); Italian butter: lemon, fresh basil, regular salt, chili flake. It’s hard to go wrong if you follow this formula.

Experiment with leaving the herb in pieces vs. pulverizing it. You get a lovely overall green color when you pulverize it, but sometimes it was nice to see the bits of herb, too.

Usage ideas:

  • Freeze some of the butter in ice cube trays, to use as a “flavor bomb” to drop into soups, onto hot pasta, casseroles.
  • Roll the butter into a log (like chocolate chip cookie dough) and freeze it. That way, you can slice off coins of butter and use as you want.
  • Melt it on any grilled food — steak, salmon, veggies. Present it at the table with the dollop of butter melting and dripping down the food, like a restaurant.
  • Sautee a chicken breast or piece of fish with a tablespoon of seasoned butter in the pan.
  • Use seasoned butter instead of regular when you prepare rice.
  • Drop some into your mashed potatoes.
  • Spoon some onto a baked potato.
  • Smear it on a baguette then grill it or broil it. Mix in a little minced garlic to the butter, for instant garlic bread.
  • Put a lump in the center of your hamburger patty before cooking.
  • Melt a dab onto steamed vegetables for a quick way to bring big flavor to them.

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  1. Love it – I’m going to make some today! To put some in the freezer do you usually make a whole pound at a time, two sticks of the time? I know that’s kind of how long is a piece of string but if you could give me some idea…

    Thanks ! Xo

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    • I would do a pound of butter at a time, yes, but separate it into 4 small containers that are all different flavors. It’s more fun to make a variety of flavors, and really not much more work. The small size deli container is a good size to hold one stick.

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