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Recipe: Bread, rolls, pizza, oh my!

I have learned how to bake bread… and I feel like I have just invented fire. Yeah, I am Wonder Woman.

You have no idea how proud (and surprised) I am at this accomplishment! Why did I think that making bread was beyond my capabilities?

basil bread rolls

Basil whole wheat rolls with Viva Italia and parmesan

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Recipe: Stuffed Manicotti with Spicy Turkey Sausage

It’s darn cold around here, these days, so I thought that a nice, hearty lasagna would be just the thing to warm me up. Any excuse to fire up the oven, you know? But lasagna can be a lot of work… so I decided to make some stuffed manicotti instead (doesn’t it actually LOOK just like lasagna?).

Stuffed Manicotti

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Do you judge a book by its cover?

It’s an old adage — “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Taking this literally,   unless you are a well-known author, the cover is often the only way that people will stop to look at your book.

The same is true of food products. If you are a new kid on the food block, your label may be the only thing that catches a customer’s attention. So it pays to spend a little time thinking about your labels.

CHAI - regular jar

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Recipe: Sicilian Orzo with Roasted Veggies

I admit, I don’t have a formal background in cooking, but growing up around good cooks who were always willing to try something new, being married to a fussy eater, and spending several years living in Europe, built a foundation that has paid off for me now (there was also the period of obsessively watching The Food Network, but we won’t talk about that now).

 If I ever doubted my culinary skills, I doubt them no longer after something that happened at my weekly Wednesday Farmer’s Market at The Nutrition Center in Great Barrington.  

Dinner to go at the Great Barrington Farmers Market

Dinner to go at the Great Barrington Farmers Market

Here is the scenario:  I sell my entire line of blends, salts, peppers and miscellany at these markets. Since my blends tend to be unusual, I figured out quickly that a great way to show people how to use the products is to cook for them.  Read the rest of this entry

Sea salts: flavor AND fun!

I got fan mail!! 

My lovely customer, Clare M., of Voorheeseville NY, took time from her jam-packed life of a successful financial career and wearing all the hats that Moms do, to tell me about her recent experience. She says:

” I hosted a holiday luncheon on Sunday for my family. On the table I had put out a multicolored salt assortment that I had purchased from Laura Griffin “Your Spice of Life”. Cancel the entertainment! It is not needed! My family had so much fun sprinkling the different salts and comparing the different tastes and textures.  It was a lot of fun. They were so impressed by my black and pink salts (reminiscent of meals I have had down at Dale Miller where they bring out a salt variety – very trendy).” set of 5 mini salts

Mini salt collection all lined up for action!


They also raved over my carrots upon which I had sprinkled “As Sweet as Kate” spiced sugar blend. There wasn’t a carrot left! Read the rest of this entry

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