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Salt and networking

One of the many things I’ve learned, in growing this new business, is the enormous power of connections and networking. It’s not just a catchphrase or trend; without a strong web of professional support all around me, I simply couldn’t do this.

I expect this support from certain areas, especially where I have paid for it, like the Chambers (Southern Saratoga and Columbia County), and other great associations I belong to. The part that surprises me, sometimes, is what form this support takes. For example, I source several items from because they have great prices and lots of choices. While searching for the perfect little dishes to use for salt sampling, I worked with Joe G, one of their customer service reps.  Right there, just the fact that I actually knew my rep’s name was unusual… but when he invited me to post on their FB page, it gave me some great visibility and of course gave them the credit they deserved.

But that’s not where it ends. Another rep anwered my post with a link to a really neat article on a blog called Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, in which he discussed the pros and cons of gourmet salts.  Well, not only was the article fascinating (hence reposting it here), I saw that the author used a service called to help syndicate his blog. So of course I signed up, and I look forward to getting the word out and expanding my blog horizons.

OK, none of this is earthshattering… but it’s the continual process of A leads to BB leads to C, that intrigues and inspires me. Yes, I am technically doing this alone, but without the leads, hints, ideas, suggestions, examples and other inspirations, I realize I’m not alone at all.

Thanks, everyone!

P.S. Look for another post, soon, about the unsual and yummy salts that I have available, along with some cute and handy salt “accessories”!

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